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Customer Support
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Chat system and Chat Bot
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We are striving to perfect the relationship between clients and their customers.
TeamWhale is an outsourced multilingual customer service company delivering the best solutions to create high quality communication between customers and their clients.

We are always client-oriented and committed to providing an individual approach to meet the highest international customer support standards.

Keeping our client's interests at heart, we not only offer the help of a Success Manager to support your ongoing projects but also value your time greatly and aim to deliver our services within 2 weeks.

Mastering the communication with your customers will now become effortless - simply contact us and we will gladly arrange a meeting and talk over all the details!

Our services
Technical Support
We can provide frontline maintenance for your users with any technical issues that occur on your website. For example, connecting with a user via teamviewer and getting information for your technician or providing assistance with a purchase on your website.
Customer Support
Providing support service in any online chats. Over 100 experienced agents armed with the required skills, knowledge and technical know-hows to handle any type of inbound and outbound customer support inquiries.
  • Implementation of the bot system into the chat widget
  • Creating chatbot decision tree
Toll Free number
We know how to set the local telephone number for incoming calls in your region to solve the issues of your customers immediately.
Claim Center
If your customer has any complaints, we can help to manage it. Our two-level claims procedure can reduce the amount of customer complaints on the last stage.
We can manage the communication with regulation institutions and investigate difficult cases that happened with your customers.
Quality Control
If there are any language barrier issues in your company, we can provide the expert quality control in a language you and your customers speak.
Why choose us?
TeamWhale is one of the top customer service outsourcing companies serving businesses worldwide.
Here are a few reasons why our clients love us:
We always keep our client's needs at heart
Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated.
We use our expert knowledge to better your business
Even though the company is new, our dedicated managers and specialists have been successfully working together for many years and are now ready to combine that experience to maximise your business' potential.
Always in touch
We provide customised support 24/7
We speak your customer's language
Our company supports over 30 languages.

Personalised approach
We value the differences of your clients and respond accordingly.
How long will the process of onboarding take?
If it's urgent, we can set up our service within 2 weeks. Otherwise, we can make the road map with a timeframe that will work for you.
Can you also do sales?
For now, we are qualified only for technical and customer support. But we will pass your wish to our management.
Is it expensive?
It is cheaper than you may think. Our business model can keep the price much lower than it usually costs. You can check the prices here
Can I use your service to collect customer feedback?
Yes, we can run a campaign to get customer feedback regarding a specific issue or we can implement a regular feedback system about your product and services.
How can I trust your company?
We are transparent towards our clients. We can provide you with access to our software, send quality reports of chats and customer service rates.
Contact us:
+381 69 789379
Brace Baruh 26
Belgrade, Serbia