About us
We are a multi-channel international Customer Support Solution. We provide world-class customised services 24/7 in more than 30 different languages.
Our head office is located in Belgrade, which works with large network of freelance experts located all over the world. United by up-to-date technology, we bring together our knowledge and experience to create tailor-made solutions for boosting customer loyalty.
Our Freelance Business Model
We work with over 500 freelancers located all over the world. However, everybody is fully integrated into the company by following the same, specially developed Home Office standards and working processes.
What benefits does this model provide?
We can source the best talent without being limited by geographical boundaries.
We keep our prices affordable by minimising home office costs.
We are flexible in the contemporary work environment. For example, we were in the perfect position to successfully navigate the storms of the COVID pandemic.
We minimise our carbon footprint by having a small office.
E-mail: office@teamwhale.com
Phone: +381 69 789379